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EFT Feature Suggestion/ improvement


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Got back into it, holy does it look clean but
-Improve silent aim Prediction, Aint funny is you miss people if they just walk to the site 
-A option where we can manualy remove items from the loot esp, bc i dont need to see shit ammo/armor etc 
-A option so we can only see weapon name of players/scavs, kinda usless to see the ammo bar on scavs 

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https://streamable.com/0qi5he <--- issue of prediction

For scopes a lazy fix give us the option to bind disable esp and let us just have some indicator where they are with a small circle 

For loot search more specific items details, if i search for bp i get 4 options to click but i dont know which are for 7.62x39 caliber (same goes for tushankas without testing i didnt know which are the larg ones) 

New ammo packs are just the ids


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