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EFT Investigation / Update


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Dear Scripter's Rift Community,

As a member of our community, particularly when using our EFT Cheat, you may have noticed a significant increase in ban reports on January 8. Our investigation revealed that BattlEye has extended its website detection capabilities, previously only seen in Rainbow Six Siege, over to Escape from Tarkov. After looking further into user logs we found that many users are running our client while the game is already loaded and thus were visiting our website without any protection enabled.

⚙️ On-going Investigation

We recognize the website detection as the most probable cause of the recent suspensions. However, we are continuing our investigation to ensure no other factors have been overlooked. We are also discussing different options to keep our website available without putting a risk on our visitors. 

🎮 Escape from Tarkov Status

We froze EFT subscription times while our investigation is on-going. If you choose to play during this period, please familiarize yourself with the following safety measures:

🚧 Safety Measures

  • avoid accessing our website when the game or launcher is active (as long as our client is not connected)
  • do not launch our client concurrently with the game or launcher
  • ensure that RiftSync is completely loaded before starting the game / launcher

We are grateful for your patience and understanding.
Thank you for being a part of the Scripter's Rift community.

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