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English: This is a solution to the RB6 cheat flash\中文:这是关于RB6作弊闪退的解决办法


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  1. It is necessary to let the player turn off the virtualization VT of the motherboard, because the CPU information viewed by the task manager of many computers is not accurate, which may be because of the pirate system, so the player who has to flash back must be asked to restart the computer and turn off the VT virtualization


    Please restart your computer and quickly press the DEL key to enter the BIOS screen and turn off VT virtualization.

    If you don't, please search your motherboard name via Internet + off VT and you will get the answer

    如果你有上面的情况出现,那么 请重启你的电脑,并在开机时快速按下DEL键,进入BIOS界面,关闭VT虚拟化。(提示:如果你不会关闭,请使用互谅网搜索你的主板名称+关闭虚拟化。即可得到想要的答案)
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