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Scripter's Rift Customer Feedback Program

At Scripter's Rift, we highly value your opinion. In order to make it visible outside our own community, to proof its authenticity, and to increase our outreach, we rely on receiving feedback on other platforms as well. Whether your experience with Scripter's Rift was all the way positive or rather mixed doesn't matter. We appreciate every opinion equally. Through the Customer Feedback Program, we aim to express our gratitude in return for your input. Share your opinion on one of the approved platforms and notify us. In return, you will be rewarded. If you found us through a reseller, platforms chosen by them are also permissible.

Contents of your Feedback

Your feedback regarding the quality, performance, features and pricing of our cheats is highly valued. If you've recently reached out to our Support Team, we'd appreciate hearing about your experience with the process. If you didn't purchase your subscription directly from our store but through a Reseller, kindly share your interactions with them. Please do not leave any fake reviews but provide us with your honest opinion.

Approved Platforms

If you don't already have an account on one of the approved platforms, please refrain from creating a new account solely for this purpose. This behavior is not well-received by other community operators, and we do not want to be in conflict with them. If you know of an alternative platform where we are not represented yet, please let us know, and we will consider it. Currently approved platforms are:

• ElitePvpers (EN)
please do also send us a trade request

• OwnedCore (EN)

• High-Minded (DE)


For a brief and simple feedback, we express our gratitude with a one-day key for any Scripter's Rift Cheat of your choice. For a more detailed feedback, we express our gratitude with a three-day key. Please send us the proof in the form of a screenshot or a link to the post via a Contact-Ticket or message our staff on discord.

Feedback Program.pdf

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