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Some awesome features to add if possible!


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Been trying this out on an alt and it's honestly been really good! Super happy with what we have so far!

It would be awesome to add a few things that would make it even easier to dominate while focusing on legit play.

1) Trigger/autoshoot Spread Check toggle

- This would prevent triggerbot/aimbot autoshoot from shooting until you have stopped completely or guaranteed to be fully accurate. Super helpful for getting that first shot accuracy on guns like the AK or if you get aimpunched on an awp.

-Having it as a per weapon toggle could allow trigger while running on guns like Tec-9 where running accuracy is good enough.

2) Auto-counter-strafe

-This would increase accuracy and movement so that we don't have to counter-strafe ourselves. Great for people who aren't fully used to counter-strafing (like myself) and to get a few extra kills faster.

-This can also help assist with triggerbot with the spread check. 

3) Auto-shoot/trigger delay/wait for recoil toggle

-This feature would delay when you shoot so that you'll have better accuracy on guns that would benefit from shooting a bit slower to minimize recoil such as an ak or deagle.

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