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EFT Feature Suggestion.


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Hi all,

First of i think the features are already amazing!

But here are some suggestions.

  •  An  option to see if the AI are Bosses/Goons/Rouges/Cultist/PlayerScavs/Scavs.
  •  Long range sniper esp. For double zoom. looks like it dis-locates the esp when you use 2xZoom on a scope.
  •  A visible trajectory for grenades ( so you can see where its gonna go) + info about the nade (when its going to explode.
  •  Filling cabinet esp fix?  if there are more than one wanted items it shows it in each other. 
  • An option to turn quest items on/off.
  • An option to see Player LVL/KD.
  • An option to change the color of searched items. 
  • Combat key for fighting/Battlemode or something. 
  • Esp for minefield.
  • Remove Face-shield/visor.
  • Visibility check if the enemy/player/scav/bos is aiming/looking at you. ( i mean with text in your screen) 
  • Fast search ?
  • Exit information,  like status/open/closed.
  • Anti-aim, against other cheaters.
  • The option for silent aim to bind it to mouse one and only shoot once. 


  • maybe a detailed dedicated video/page for information about the features for EFT.

These are just suggestions i think the cheat is amazing already so thanks for all the hard work you guys put in to it! 



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