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Hi srift,

I've been using your awesome CS2 cheat, and I absolutely love it, but I had a few features ideas that I really think would take the cheat to a 10/10 for legit play if they were added :)

All these features are QoL and legit focused, so hopefully it wont be to outlandish of a request :)


1.) Bomb timer ESP (Once bomb is planted a timer based on the server cvar 'mp_c4timer' starts to countdown)

2.) Defuse ESP, it would be nice to see if a player is defusing the bomb (A setting to allow it to be seen through walls even tho the rest of the ESP isn't would be very awesome)

3.) Chams -- With the option to enable/disable wallhack chams (I personally prefer to have chams without wallhack enabled just to make it easy to spot people, and it's far superior than vis-only ESP when it comes to legit play)


Anyways even if these wont be added, I'd just like to say thank you for the awesome cheat and the friendly community <3

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3.) Chams = pure love :D

4.) A Reset Button for all Settings "off".
This way I can make my own settings from scratch

The cheat itself is really extensive and strong, but I usually don't even need half of it :D
It just seems very cluttered, especially as a newbie I would really like a lite version ^^

Is there actually a German forum area?

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Chams would be soooo good!

I also can see the devs doing streamproof chams since the menu already has a skeleton model streamproof'd in the menu so it wouldn't be impossible to do a sort of pseudochams by overlaying a skeleton model or player models over the enemies that are easier to see.

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