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Meliodas' Config


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Here I'm gonna have most of the hero's and reasons on their settings. But first, some common settings:

The aim key is almost always M1. Why? Because I keep the settings really low when M1 is used for aim. If I have trigger enabled, it will be set to M5. If Nanobot is enabled, it will be set to M5 toggle.


The only thing enabled for D.VA is the auto matrix. You don't need aim on D.VA

I have a large FOV super low speed aim for Doom. When diving I tend to look around pretty fast so I set it to really just slightly help me make sure I'm actually looking at someone

Junker Queen
I only have auto carnage enabled for Junker. When fighting with her I'm extremely close to people so aim is not needed and her knife has a huge hitbox so any flick on it looks obvious

I have a large FOV medium speed aim set to M5 for Orisa. The reason for the aim is mainly for flying enemies that are far away. I also have auto fortify so I don't have to think about it

I have nothing enabled for Ramattra. I don't play him very often and due to his primary projectile speed aim is almost useless. His fists also have nothing on because of their close range

I have nothing enabled for Rein. You don't need anything for him

I have aim with a pretty large FOV set to M5 for hog. It is set to auto shoot and auto alt fire. This is meant for medium range fights so I don't have to pay attention to their distance. This would be set to trigger if it supported auto secondary. Also, there is a slight aim set to right click that I can't disable so be carful with that

I only have auto accretion enabled on Sigma. I don't think you need aim with him

Winston has aimbot that cant be disabled (idk why) on his M1. I have nothing on other than that

Wrecking Ball
I don't play Wrecking Ball often but I have a small FOV slow aim for him

For Zarya, I have a medium FOV slow aim. I was just getting mad a Lucios running all around me so added the slow aim to help deal with them



The only things I have on for Ashe is trigger bot set to right click and dynamite visuals

I have a really small FOV slow aim for Bastions primary (mainly to help in long range fights). For his assault mode I have a larger FOV but similar speed aim. I also have his grenade visuals on

I only have trigger bot on his primary

For Echo I have trigger bot set to M1 and M2. M1 is set to hotkey with a red pos display. M2 is set to always with a blue pos display. Both have passthrough turned on so you can attack whenever you want but I wanted the pos displays to know where to shoot

The only thing enabled for Genji is auto deflect. I want to have the auto swift strike on but it snaps and is extremely obvious (even with 360 off)

I have a triggerbot set to M5 for Hanzo. I think it's important to note that it will also auto fire if it can kill. There seems to be an issue with hitboxes when using trigger bot where it wont target the head but it doesn't flick like nanobot so I went with it even with that downside.

I have triggerbot set to always and bypass so it will shoot if it can hit. I also have auto mine for damage and kill.

I have nanobot enabled with a 0 FOV for the aimpos display for right click. I also have auto cryo on

I have triggerbot set to always with bypass on so it will shoot when it can. Also has aimpos display on to show where you should shoot

I have a really slow aim for Reaper. I also have auto death blossom on

I have a pretty slow aim with perfect rails on for Sojourn

I have a large FOV slow aim for Soldier. I also have auto heals on

Sombra is the one of the only heros I use split aim on. Idk why but split feels better on her. She has a pretty large FOV but weaker aim. I also have auto translocator on but am thinking of turning it off because it gets in my way sometimes

I have a large FOV slow aim for Sym

I have triggerbot for Torb. It displays the aimpos to help and will bypass the hotkey to kill

Tracer is another hero I use split on. She has a larger FOV and speed. I also have auto recall on

Widow has a trigger bot set to always which will be sufficient in most cases but it also has a slowed down flick set to M5 set to world if you really need to hit a shot



I have triggerbot set to always on both her scoped and unscoped primaries. I also have sleep dart auto interrupt on and a blue aimpos for sleep

I have a large FOV slow aim for Bap

I have nothing enabled for Brig

I have a triggerbot for her primary

I have a triggerbot for her kunai

I have his aimbot enabled, with no hotkey, and on world with the aimpos enabled to see where I need to shoot

I have nothing enabled on Lucio

I have nothing enabled for Mercy

I have nothing enabled for Moira

For his primary, I have a weak aim. For his secondary, I have it set to flickbot with a really small FOV for its auto shoot setting

!!! Keep in mind this is MY config that I made with what I think is safe. You should go into the training range and test your mains to see if it feels good to use !!!


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