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OW2 Feature Requests


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- Draw lines to Low HP Friendlies (useful for healers, let us set own health % to show line on)



- Auto Flick to target on Blink to stay on-target



- Auto Immortality Field to prevent own or teammate death and/or to counter enemy abilities (such as Sigma ultim)



I think this hero has a lot of potential with features as she can do high DPS & Heal.

- Auto Suzu to prevent own or teammate death & Auto Suzu to block certain abilities of enemy

- Smooth Attack (kunai) aimbot & prediction (with legitimize settings to prevent always head like Widow)

- Swift Step to teammate flick on key

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Some more ideas:



- Auto smooth flick to teammate for heal using eco (like the stuff Ana has)



- Aimbot

- Auto Translocator (similar to Tracers recall logic)



- Leftclick Aimbot

- Rightclick (Icicle) Aimbot + Auto on killable

- Auto Cryofreeze when low HP (Similar to Tracer recall logic)

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This is coming straight from the discord channel: 

New suggestion: smart healing with purple health, chair wont use any form of healing when teammates have purple health, this is mainly for brig cause it be dumping all 3 repair packs in people with purple hp lol

Also a potential bug, straight from the discord channel:

Rick whenever you see this, theres a weird bug with brigette, i have all her settings for shield bash turned off and whenever i right click to block with shield, the screen like violently shakes and twitches, its like its trying to lock on to someone while fighting my mouse input, could be a bug idk

To follow up on this bug, theres a bug with soldier 76, with helix rockets and flick settings turned on, even with the damage setting completely off, its using rockets as soon as you look at an enemy.

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okay forget what i said about the brigette shield bash thing, i realize know its just the game correcting the angle when you block with shield, since you cant look down and block. i had no idea since i dont play heros like rein. However if anyone can confirm this for me thatd be great.

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