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EFT Feature Requests

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HSR (headshot rate)

Teams (Can see which pmcs are part of a squad together)

Price cut off on slider to adjust value

Iterate through Containers 



Inf. Stam

No recoil (I don't really need it but its popular :kappa:)

Loot Through Walls ( I can't live without this, the amount of money ive seen in marked room at dorms while using this cheat... ive lost out on at least 5mil roubles by now. almost all the popular tarkov tools added it)

Night/Thermal Vision

No Visor

No sway



Silent aim

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  • 2 months later...

Here is my feature list, since the cheat is a little bit outdated and the devs have thier hands full on new projects...

but maybe they will intregrate 1 or 2 features.

The first features are required, the second list will be features that would be nice to have, the third list is for the future "nice to think about".


Important features would be:

 - Inf. stamina / a bypass where you dont get the fatigue effect

 - no breath animation - would lead the option for people to go semi / rage

that is really all the cheat is balanced, there are some bugs, but i hope they will get patched.


As said the second are nice to haves....:

 - more Loot costumisation - like additional Quest filtering

 - Silent-Aim - its not necessary but nice for raging

 - dynamic Hitbox selection for Silent-Aim - like you have you FOV, and the Aimbot gets after x shots a new Hitbox, what does it do? Its to be a little more Legit, idk if   you have seen Clips of streamers where they got headshotted 5 times in a row, this would eliminate this problem.

 - loot through walls - its sad when a LEDX is a room next to you but you dont have the required key


Now for the future features:

 - an additional item Tab where you can manualy select the items you want to see

 - faster research from containers or even autolooting

 - Hitsounds - just a little bit more costumisation -> giving it a unique touch

 - Semi Automatic to Full auto - like an SKS which is Semi making Full auto


That was my list, i know that we will see some features of this in the coming EFT update. I hope the developers know now what we want for the future.

Have a nice day :)

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